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I run NKD Mag.
Sometimes I travel.
Occasionally I'm funny.

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Tryna be Blair and Serena with my best friend.

Tryna be Blair and Serena with my best friend.

Anonymous asked: would you mind telling me where you got that awesome riggins shirt from, please?


Self Appreciation


There is nothing wrong with loving yourself. I feel that many people hear this but don’t grasp it.

Making fun of your looks and calling yourself ugly should not be glorified. Just because you don’t look how a Victorias Secret model looks (after hours of makeup and hair and even some photoshop)…

This girl is much smarter than I was at 12.

My neighbors are having a party.
I have been in bed since 6:45 p.m.

A good Friday night.

A good Friday night.

disturbed-darkness asked: How do I get over an awful breakup?


I don’t know
I think you cry
as much as you need
but don’t invite self pity

and anytime you hear something or see something or think something that makes you think “I need to tell [tha person] about this”, send it to your mom or grandma or brother or old friend or new friend or your dentist

don’t lose relationships
you don’t stop creating love
just reassign it
romance your family/friends
fall back in love with yourself

This girl is wise beyond her years. Way too lucky to call her my friend.

Anonymous asked: When it comes to concert photography, I dove in head first. I taught myself how to find contacts and write proper emails. I went to the local shows and didn't do so great the first few times. But I learned each time. And now two years later, I'm actually confident of all my work. I think anyone's best teacher is experience. Not being afraid to fail & being able to learn from the failures is key. You've got to start and go in head first.

^ This, basically. Tumblr wasn’t even a thing when I started shooting - I had no one to ask these questions to. 

Anonymous asked: Sorry for all the questions, but how do you find their contact information?


Anonymous asked: How do you go about getting a photo pass for concerts?

You email the artist’s publicist (or manager if they don’t have a PR team) stating which show you want to shoot, who you’re shooting for, etc.